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Mod Status Name Map Players IP
Online ★ FastRespawn FUN ★ PT cp_gullywash_final1 0 / 24
Online ★★ DodgeBall ★★ PT tfdb_desert_madness_a9 8 / 32
Online ★★ VSH Freak Fortress ★★ PT vsh_ram_shacked_final 14 / 32
Online ★★ Sniper / Aim Maps ★★ EU sn_hac_legoarena_f2 13 / 24
Online ★★ DeathRun ★★ EU dr_safety_first_final 18 / 32
Online ★★ Slender ★★ EU [NEW BOSSES] NEW! slender_lobbys_b1a 18 / 32
Online players: 53 / 119
Online servers: 6 / 6
Players over the last 30 days: 17120
Members (Admins and VIPs): 529

New website

We have a brand new website built from scratch and a new design! We changed completely the way the website works allowing a better navigation and a more reliable connection between the servers and the site.

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More gaming

We opened for all the european community and started recently our activities on the world of Garry's Mod, we already run several servers across various mods and we already have hundreds of players. Can we count on you?

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Serious Network

We have a completely dedicated network of quality, at the level of our and your requirements. The best hardware and the best connections, to make sure that nothing hinders what really matters: your enjoyment!

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